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Elementalia - The Invasion

Elementalia: The Invasion is a puzzle game that will make you crave more right from the start. Match elementals in clusters to gain the upper hand as you try to stay alive until your opponent stumbles and falls. Many different challenges, and opponents with their own quirks to overcome makes Elementalia: The Invasion a game where strategic thinking is rewarded. Reminiscent of classiscs such as Tetris, Elementalia: The Invasion is sure to bring back memories from the older generation and create lasting memories for the younger one. Download it for free on Android or PC/Mac/Linux.


  • Our involuntary hero, the botanist Krystelle who on a splendid day on the way to an audience with the King gets dragged into a most unlikely invasion. Demonic entities from another place pop up out of thin air on a hunt for minds to constrain and turn into nutritious green goo. Yuck!
  • Liquidos - The Gurlos made out of water. But don't try to drink it, this water is evil! It will shoot you with high pressure water beams if you get too close.
  • Athmos - Best friends with the wind, a Gurlos made from vapor, steam and clouds. Be wary of it's strong gusts and annoying cackle.
  • Pyrogos - Hellfire and damnation, in a small package. Handle with care, or at least with oven mitts.
  • Polaros - Needless to say, it gives it's cousin Pyrogos the cold shoulder. Cold as ice and a chilling presence. Keep cool and don't freeze if you end up meeting one of these.
  • Yggdheros - The Gurlos that grows on you. It might look completely stunning, but trust me, you don't want a bouquet.
  • Terros - The terrible terrific tremendous terror made of rock. The Gurloses have always wondered what goes on, on the inside of that stony face. Many have tried to dent it's shell, none have lived to tell the tale.
  • Vulcanos - A hot head with a short fuse, burning long and bright. Don't add to the fire and if it erupts, you'll be glad you kept your distance.
  • Xolotlos - Lightning fast, annoying buzzer. With wingbeats so quick you wont see them until it's bright in your face.
  • Supremos - Supreme ruler of the Gurloses. Reigning over his Gurlos minions with an iron grip and piercing intelelct. No one dared oppose him, but he wanted more minions. He took measures into his own hands and decided to have even more people not oppose him by invading another kingdom.

    He is so very good looking and cool, by the way. And a nice leader and stuff.